Insight. Dedication. Leadership.

“An added-value public relations consultant, that’s what I call Vicki Stearn. Beyond offering communications counsel, she helped me see the bigger picture, gave me insights I needed to develop my business plan.”  — Tom Tepper, Vice President, Finance & Administration for The Wilderness Society, formerly Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative & Financial Officer

 “Always up for new challenges, Vicki is a go-to communications expert and team player. She’s a strategist who’s not afraid to get into the trenches: writing, pitching, coaching.” — Bob Struble, President and CEO, iBiquity Digital

“Launching new products is one of Vicki’s core strengths. Together, we brought to market several innovative education games for Discovery Communications. She is a savvy and reliable communicator who garnered media coverage across the country. Her input was valuable in both reaching media and developing our products.” — Tom Porter, COO, CAIA Association,  formerly Group Vice President, Discovery Enterprises

“Vicki’s insightful guidance has been invaluable in helping me clearly communicate with media and colleagues.  Without her talking points I would be lost!” –– Mirele B. Goldsmith, Director,  Jewish Greening Fellowship of Hazon

“Vicki Stearn is a deeply experienced and highly reliable communications expert.  Since I first met her 15 years ago, I have found her to be the exact kind of public relations professional I value and trust.” — Anthony Garrett, Senior Adviser on Policy and Strategic Development, Internews

“Vicki Stearn was a dedicated member of the Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth. Chairing the Commission for two years, Vicki offered thoughtful leadership and guidance as well as hands-on support: writing and editing testimony for the county council and school board. Her contributions to the Commission were significant.” — Kate Garvey, Formerly Chief of Children, Youth and Family Services, Montgomery County, Maryland, Health and Human Services 

“I’ve worked with Vicki for many years; and rely on her for intelligent approach to developing communications campaigns for new technologies.”  — Susan Murrow, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of Health Policy and Management.